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Polished Concrete Making Waves in Office Space

We have all been in a situation where you walk in to an office or retail store and you are just instantly blown away by the decor. There are certain things that stand out that exude class and it instantly gives you that feeling of ‘wow – this place is professional and high end’ – as dull as it may sound, flooring has a huge part to play in this so we thought we would take a look at a few ways to make the most of your accountancy floor space and help you to set the right tone for your customers – in fact, we found one solution that was so good – we thought we’d focus this article around it – and that is Polished Concrete.

If like me, you will be sitting there thinking to yourself what on earth is Polished Concrete and why does it matter to me? We came across this on a recent visit to a big client in the construction industry and the meeting was on site towards the end of a renovation project. He was pretty ecstatic when we got there because he had just had a new floor put down. He went on to tell us that this was a polished concrete floor.

We have to admit that it looked extremely high end and had a bit of marble look and feel to it – it certainly did exude class.

As par for the course when it comes to accountancy clients, we got to talking about the figures and we were mildly surprised when we saw how cost effective the the renovating of the floor was – it is also something that works in domestic as well as commercial and office spaces.

Why talk about concrete?

If at any point you are considering an upgrade to your office there is a very good chance that your flooring will be concrete. Even if you have boards, there may well be concrete beneath them. Now, there is nothing wrong with other types of flooring and it may well be that the look you need in your office is going to be better suited to another type of floor. But… if you have concrete laid down already then you are half way there to having the most professional floor for your office possible.

You can have concrete laid if you haven’t already got it but that will of course increase the cost, but if you have it already then it is almost a no-brainer. Take a look at some images of polished concrete floors and see for yourself the image it could help you portray to your clients at a fraction of the cost of marble.

If you like the idea then what are you waiting for. I would even go as far to say that the floor would pay for itself with new clients that you will acquire based on the professional image you are portraying. The concrete can be polished in a variety of styles and apparently will be completely unique.


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